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realTour Booking Form

Please provide the following contact information: (All tours must be booked and paid atleast 14 days in advance. Taxes maybe added if applicable in your country.)

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Which realTour are you interested in:

Incredible China Tour (10 days) - Starts Everyday
3 Gorges and Yangtze Cruise Tour (4 days) - Starts Every Tuesday and Friday
Lijiang and Shangri-la Tour (7 days) - Starts Every Wednesday and Saturday
Yibin Tour (5 days) - Starts Every Monday and Thursday

Amazing Panda Tour (1 Day Add-on)

When would you like to start your realTour (date)? *  
Number of People for the realTour ? Minimum tour group is FOUR  people and Maximum number per tour is NINE. Individuals/couples can join any tour group.

Any additional information or requests?

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