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My wife and I have lived and worked in, traveled around and experienced the real China. Our experiences have been wonderful, eye-opening and life-changing. We were foreigners in an unknown land and despite facing cultural and language barriers, our 10 day holiday trip turned into a more than 3 year stay. We got involved with everyday life in China, got to know the people, were warmly welcomed and traveled extensively.
Now we want to share our experiences with you. We have created a team of highly qualified, English-speaking tour guides with in-depth knowledge, who are committed to providing the best personal and private tours possible.
We know that a visit to China is daunting for many foreigners, owing largely to the language barrier and cultural differences, because we faced the same reservations and problems. Fortunately, we learned to overcome them and enjoy the beauty of China and of Chinese people without getting an advanced degree in the language or the culture!
We donít want those same reservations and differences to stop you from having the experience of a lifetime in China, taking a step back into history, visiting the well known sites as well as many magnificent places off-the-beaten-track. That is why we have developed tours that are customized for Western visitors, keeping in mind your needs and comforts, without compromising the essence of China. With us, you will get to witness and experience the real China, without facing the cultural or language barriers that often come with the territory. You will come to uncover the gem that is China and experience Chinese people and customs firsthand. That is our promise to you!
Our motto is to satisfy our guests and go that extra mile to make it a truly wonderful and memorable for you and your loved ones. All of our realTours are worked out to the maximum detail for your comfort, enjoyment and relaxation.
Note: All pictures on this website have been taken by my wife or me personally on our own visits.

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