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realTour of Yibin (Sichuan, China) - With over 40,000 years of Human habitation history, Yibin offers breath-taking Natural beauty including World largest natural Bamboo forest (called ZhuHai or 'Bamboo Sea'), Natural Cold and Hot Springs with 500-foot Waterfall, the largest 'Stone Forest' or Grand Canyon with an embedded largest natural Pit in the world. Yibin was established as a county in the Han dynasty.

Important Note: All realTour cost are inclusive of all tickets needed during the tour (mentioned in your realTour itinerary). These only include tickets needed for bus/train/flight travel, entrance tickets to parks, scenic spots,  etc. They do not include any additional activities (not mentioned in your realTour itinerary) that any of our guest choose to go to or want to take-part in. Any or all such activities are optional and will have to be paid by the guest themselves. All realTours begin from Mainland China and the city/airport as mentioned in your itinerary. All travelers/Guests are required to make their own travel arrangements (visas/flights etc. to China), at there own cost, to the starting point of their realTour.

Tour itinerary: Starts Every Monday and Thursday*
Day 1 Meet at Chengdu Airport at 11:30am. Leave for Hotel in Yibin (5 hours by bus). Check-in to the hotel in Yibin and have early dinner. Go for walk in the Night-Market of downtown Yibin.
Day 2 8:30am our tour guides will take you for a day trip to Zhu-Hai (Bamboo Sea), the largest natural bamboo forest in the world. Reach back to hotel by 6pm. Have dinner/rest and relax.
Day 3 8:30am our tour guides will take you for a day trip to Shi-Hai (Stone Forest), Largest Natural Carter and the largest Cave in China. Reach back to hotel by 6pm. Have dinner/rest and relax. 9pm our tour guides will take you to Hot Spring Resort to enjoy the natural hot spring and to relax. You can also have massage, steam room, spa etc. (optional charges apply). Reach back to hotel by 11pm.
Day 4 9:30am our guides will show you Yibin city, 4000 year Ancient and Traditional Paper Umbrella Factory (the oldest and only one still in operation in China), Natural Cold Spring and its beautiful mountain parks. Reach back to hotel by 8pm. At night our guides will take you for a complimentary Traditional Chinese Tea experience giving you an opportunity to witness, taste, sample and learn about the wide variety of Chinese teas and the traditional ways of serving, in the centuries old cultural manner.
Day 5 11am Check-out and Leave Yibin for Chengdu Airport.
Per Person Cost: $890
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* Tour also available on all days other than scheduled days - an extra charge will apply.

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