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News about everyone who shares our passion and commitment to quality travel and tour services. We all work hard and smart to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable from the time you think of booking your tickets - right to the end of your amazing and life-changing holiday experience.


The China tourism explosion (By George Zhibin Gu) SHENZHEN - Recently, Beijing residents have become reluctant to bring visiting friends to tour the six-century-old Forbidden City. The reason is simple: overcrowding. The world's biggest royal palace complex, filled with Qing dynasty imperial treasures, is one of China's unmissable tourist destinations, and the visitor numbers are increasing every year. All over China, this story is repeated for other attractions: the golden age of Chinese tourism has already arrived. China is now one of the top four global tourist nations in the world. In 2005, inbound tourists reached 120 million, a new record. This huge surge in tourism is a sea change; in 1978, the number of overseas tourists was only 230,000.

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Three Gorges to set up center for tourists BEIJING - The Three Gorges Project site will build a reception center and improve facilities in 2006 to cope with the rapid increase in incoming tourists. The number of tourists visiting the Three Gorges Project site, the world's largest water conservancy and hydropower project, reached a record 1.05 million, according to statistics from the Three Gorges Project Tourism Development Co Ltd. The site has become a new engine for tourism development in the Three Gorges area, with the number of incoming tourists growing nearly 30% annually, according to a report in the Beijing Daily Messenger newspaper.

China to be world's #1 tourist destination by 2017 NINGBO - China will become the world's #1 tourist destination in 2017, three years earlier than forecast by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), according to a Chinese tourist official. The WTO has predicted that China will receive 137 million overnight inbound tourists in 2020, thus becoming the world's largest tourist destination. "But the goal may be achieved three years [earlier than expected], according to calculations by the National Tourism Administration (NTA) based on the booming [tourism] industry in China," said Zhang Jilin, deputy director of the NTA's Planning, Development and Financial Department, at an investment fair for tourism held in Ningbo, a city in east China's Zhejiang province, on November 1.

Official statistics show that China received 41.76 million overseas tourists who spent at least one night on the Chinese mainland last year, ranking fourth in the world. Tourism revenue hit US$25.7 billion, ranking seventh in the world, according to a report about China's tourism investment issued by the NTA in Ningbo.

Beijing passes Chicago - March 26, 2010: Beijing’s airport became the world’s third busiest last year, surpassing Chicago’s O’Hare, as its passenger total jumped 17% to 65.3 million on increasing demand for travel throughout Asia and overseas. Airport passenger throughput listings are interesting. They are not what you imagine. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is at No. 1 with almost 88 million passengers, down 2.3% from 2008 after Delta Air Lines Inc. trimmed capacity at its hometown hub. London Heathrow, whose biggest operator is British Airways, was second with 66 million passengers, a 1.5% decline. China’s 8.7% economic expansion last year was helped by Beijing Capital International Airport, whose biggest carrier is China Southern Airlines Co.

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2015 China top destination - March 25, 2010: A senior official with the United Nations World Tourism Organization said China is expected to become the world's largest tourist destination by 2015. Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the UNWTO, said, "China, as we predict, is going to become the world's No. 1 tourist destination by the year 2015. China is almost there. It is now the world's fourth largest destination when it comes to incoming tourists, and the rates of growth are moving so quickly that we think this is a realistic target." France is currently the country receiving the most international tourists, at 80 million per year, followed by the United States and Spain, both at 60 million a year, while China has about 48 million. Taleb Rifai said, "China's tourism economy has moved incredibly in the last ten years. The number of incoming tourists rose from 8 million to 48 million. The potential of the growth is still big because of the size of China.

Shanghai Expo to boost Italian visits - March 23, 2010: A tourist official from China's National Tourist Office in Italy said the Shanghai World Expo will attract more Italian tourists to China. Which is, perhaps, stating the obvious. Xiong Shanhua, director general of the CNTO's Italian office, said,"This year has begun in the best of ways. In January there was a 47% rise in arrivals from Italy to China and we expect this trend to increase by 9-10% throughout the year compared with 2009. It is for sure the best January we have ever had." More than 190,000 Italian tourists visited China in 2009. Despite a 1.47% drop compared with 2008, Italian tourist arrivals increased 10% year on year in the second half of 2009, according to statistics from the CNTO. English People's Daily Online reported that Xiong said the positive data on Italy's growing China-bound tourism indicated the global economic crisis was about to end.

Chinese apps for iPhones booming - March 19, 2010: Three iPhone developers in China said the market for iPhone Chinese apps is slowly but steadily gaining traction. Three iPhone developers who are primarily engaged in making travel-based applications which gives them an international audience, are doing well. Truth Soft Studio – makers of The Forbidden City app have produced both an interactive map and audio guide for visitors to Beijing's historic, sprawling Forbidden City palace complex. Explore Metro – makers of Explore Shanghai, Explore Beijing, Explore Guangzhou & Explore Hong Kong. Interactive subway maps are Explore Metro's speciality, and right now they have four apps covering the ever-expanding subway networks of four major Chinese cities. CNet Asia reported Paul Wood has SHBusApp with a new version in both Chinese and English. He said, "I've only launched apps for the American app store before, so the Chinese App store will be a learning experience for me."

Shanghai Expo to be clean, green - March 18, 2010: This will be a green, clean Expo. New technologies are being used to make sure this is so. China's Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang has said lot of new and high technologies will be applied to the Shanghai World Expo, which is designed to highlight the theme of "Better City, Better Life" with the latest technologies. reports that clean energy will be used to supply electricity for the six-month exposition. This was stated by the minister at a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the country's top advisory body, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

20 more Three Gorges 'floating luxury hotels' - March 16, 2010: Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality will build 20 more five-star luxury liners in three years, expanding the fleet to 34 in an aim to boost tourism of the picturesque Three Gorges on the Yangtze River. Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality will build 20 more five-star luxury liners in three years, expanding the fleet to 34 in an aim to boost tourism of the picturesque Three Gorges on the Yangtze River. At the moment most visitors go for the astounding contruction at the Three Gorges and the sheer power it produces. Now more and more of them will be able to go in luxury and view the wonders of the Gorges and the Yangtze River in luxurious comfort.

China speeds up for Expo - March 17, 2010: China will provide speedy visa processing for visitors to the upcoming World Expo, as well as more hotel space with help from surrounding cities. Zhou Hanmin, deputy director of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Executive Committee said that with support from the Foreign Ministry, it is already "an established policy" to provide quick visa processing for Expo visitors from around the world. Zhou Hanmin, deputy director of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Executive Committee said to receive the coming waves of visitors, a total of 550,000 beds will be available inside Shanghai during the Expo, and visitors can stay in nearby cities if Shanghai cannot hold all of them. As well, serious efforts have been made to provide easy transportation between Shanghai and its surrounding cities. English reported that World Expo 2010, which is scheduled to be held in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31, is expected to attract 70 million visitors, of which more than 5% will come from abroad.

China to stimulate world travel - March 16, 2010: Although the financial crisis of 2009 greatly affected all sectors of the travel industry, the World Travel Trends report released in Berlin predicted a slight recovery from some regions, including a strong boom originating from China. Rolf Freitag, the CEO of IPK International, a world travel research monitor that tracks the trends in outbound travel demand, told Xinhua: "China is very dynamic and is finding it 's place in the world. This year's economic recovery will come from the East to the West."
In 2010, IPK's travel research envisions that Chinese outbound travel will bolster a 4% increase in tourism compared to Europe's stagnation and a 5% decrease in the US. According to statistics presented at the 44th annual ITB Tourism Trade Show in Berlin on Wednesday, the tourism sector in Europe and North America has been hardest hit in the crisis, with a 19% decrease in 2009.

Inbound tourism boom this year - March 9, 2010: In 2009, impacted by the financial crisis and the Influenza A (H1N1) virus, Chinese inbound tourism saw a major decrease, but the decrease rate was reduced gradually. And now, for 2010, the figures seem set to boom again.
In 2009, the aggregate numbers of Chinese inbound tourists and inbound overnight tourists amounted to 126.48 million and 50.88 million respectively, showing a drop respectively of 2.73% and 4.10% year on year. Foreign exchange earnings of Chinese inbound tourism were $39.68 billion, a 2.86% decrease over 2008. The number of inbound tourists (excluding those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) came to 21.94 million with a year on year decline rate of 9.82%. PR Inside reports that now the figures seem to be on a major upswing and most analysts agree that the decrease will be reversed and tourism will rise, although perhaps only in high single figures. One of the reasons is the Shanghai World Expo where early bookings suggest a major boost to tourism.

World Travel Fair 2010 (WTF2010) will be held on May 27-29 at Shanghai Exhibition Center, during the World Expo period, when Shanghai becomes the world focus. On the wings of World Expo, the numbers of pre-registered trade visitors have geared up since it opened in last December. About 500 trade buyers from tourism association, Chinese outbound travel agencies and tour operators have registered on WTF2010 pre-registration system, 40% up comparing with last year. It includes the leading outbound travel agencies from Shanghai, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shandong province and etc.

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