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realTour of 3 Gorges / Yangtze River Cruise (Sichuan and Hubei, China) - We have planned a perfect tour for you to see the Great 3-Gorges Dam - 4 day Yangtze River Cruise; showing you all the 3 gorges one-by-one up-close, included is an experience for famous Dragon Boat racing and floating theater show and finally the Marvel of Modern Engineering - the gigantic 3 Gorges Dam from all available angles and view points.

Important Note: All realTour cost are inclusive of all tickets needed during the tour (mentioned in your realTour itinerary). These only include tickets needed for bus/train/flight travel, entrance tickets to parks, scenic spots,  etc. They do not include any additional activities (not mentioned in your realTour itinerary) that any of our guest choose to go to or want to take-part in. Any or all such activities are optional and will have to be paid by the guest themselves. All realTours begin from Mainland China and the city/airport as mentioned in your itinerary. All travelers/Guests are required to make their own travel arrangements (visas/flights etc. to China), at there own cost, to the starting point of their realTour.

Tour itinerary: Starts Every Tuesday and Friday*
Day 1 Meet at Chongqing Airport at 11:30am.

A short stop to allow you to stock up on snacks for the Cruise. While food is available, it is advisable to bring your own. As the food avaible on the ship is only Chinese and very pricey.

Leave for harbor to board the Ship for the cruise at Wanzhou (3 hours by bus).

After boarding the ship - settle into your First-Class room, with a large picture window, the room is also equipped with Air-conditioning, TV and a Toilet with Shower and hot water.

Visit the historic Zhangfei Temple in Yunyang.

Day 2 See and pass through the first gorge - the beautiful Qutang Gorge from the ship.

Disembark from the ship at Wushan, transfer into smaller sightseeing boats to cruise down the Lesser Three Gorges. Travelers often remark that this gorgeous scenery here is more impressive than the actual Three Gorges.

Return to the ship and see the unique scenery of the Wu Gorge (second gorge), with its famous “Witches Peak”.

In the night, disembark at Zigui, to visit the tomb of Qu Yuan, the famous Chinese poet, in whose honor the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated.
Day 3 In the morning, transfer to a dragon boat to visit Jiuwan Stream and experience a historical show on a floating theatre.

Return to the ship, and see the Xiling Gorges, the widest and least spectacular of the Three Gorges.
Arrive at the Three Gorges Dam near Yichang, Hubei Province.

Disembark to visit the viewing station high above the dam. Take the opportunity to capture this modern architectural marvel in your cameras from the panoramic view offered.

Visit the Three Gorges Dam Museum Park – a creative commemoration of the project, where actual huge custom earth moving machinery used in the making of the Dam is reused as art pieces.

Return to the ship for the return journey upstream to Wanzhou. This return journey allows you a second glance at the 3 gorges.
Day 4

Arrive in Wanzhou

Transfer to buses. Return journey to Chongqing Airport.

Per Person Cost: $670
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* Tour also available on all days other than scheduled days - an extra charge will apply.

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